A Tale of the Townsends

Contents removed. Available in the 2nd edition of The Lonesome Death of Billy Grayson, at Amazon.



  1. I really appreciate the genealogy you have done for this article. I am the granddaughter of the boy who found his mother. I grew up knowing a little bit about what happened so finding and reading this article has been enlightening. I have pictures of James Henry Townsend and some of his children if you are interested. I was bummed when I tried to send this article to my cousin and it's no longer here. Is it in the book?

    1. Brittany, I think I've already replied to your comment, but just in case--yes, the story is in the new edition of the book.

  2. Hello Brittany, good to hear from you and learn your background. I would love to see photos of J. H. Townsend and children. Thank you for your offer.

    Yes, I took down the story which I’d posted on the blog and it’s now available in book form, in a collection of similar stories. Here’s the link where you can buy a copy: https://www.amazon.com/Lonesome-Death-Billie-Grayson-Killings/dp/0692966714/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

    I’ve recently heard from another Townsend relative. Her name is Loneta. Do you know her? Anyway, I’ll forward her mail to you so you can exchange information.

    I wasn’t able to bring Ethel Townsend’s story to the completion that I desired, since I was unable to discover which cemetery she was buried in. I couldn’t find an obituary, and her Death Certificate, which I got from the State of Oklahoma, wasn’t precise either. It just said Drumright.

    Please write me here: wapo@cl.aoyama.ac.jp. Looking forward to seeing your photos and forward mail to you from Loneta.


  3. Or, you can also write to Loneta Sutherland, who is your relative: lonetab@yahoo.com.