"The Iowa Chapel Community" by Ruth Houston Stanley

Notes from The Iowa Chapel Community by Ruth Houston Stanley, 53 pp., no publication date. 

This small book is a record and reminiscence of early days in the northwest part of Lincoln County and includes several rare photos. 

The Iowa Indian Reservation was opened to settlement, Sept. 22, 1891. The smallest of the reservations, it was about 25 miles square miles in area. The Iowa Indian Mission and Headquarters was located near Fallis, Oklahoma and  was unique for the number of Civil War veterans among the early settlers. 

The Wright Post Office was started south of the Cimarron river, in the Wright home. When the Santa Fe railroad came through in 1898, the small town of Goodnight (named for the Goodnight family owning the land) came into being.

On page 21 is a photograph of the Wright Post office and store that later became Merrick, Oklahoma. 

The book ends with a  2-page insert, "Recordings of Iowa Chapel Cemetery, NW corner of sec. 5-16-2E in Iowa Township, 1892-1972."

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